Online Workshops – Beautiful Thinking

Hello! We are halfway into the first Experiments in Beautiful Thinking™ Online Workshop and I am so thrilled at how everyone’s experiences are unfolding! It’s much more than I hoped – some participants have shared how they think of different perspectives, have heightened awareness and are more creative 🙂 I will be offering the workshop beginning on October 12th. In addition, I am putting together two other online workshops and would like your input on what you would be interested in…Just answer two questions here.


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Online Workshop: Experiments in Beautiful Thinking

Exp beautiful thinking 1.jpg

I am so excited to share a project I have been working on this year! I wanted to create a workshop that explored how we think about and experience beauty in our daily lives that would be fun and have the feeling of being on an exploration. The online workshop is from June 22nd to August 3rd and summer will be a perfect time for discovery in beauty. Take a look at Online Workshop and I hope you join me in exploring the question: “How can our experience of beauty transform the way we see ourselves, our situations and our environments?”

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Lots of Wallpaper-Please vote for me

Vote for my wallpaper designs on Feathr! (links below)

Voting closes May 16, 2016, 8am EDT — Thank you!!!feathr may 2016 submission contest

Feathr is a Scandinavian wallpaper company that I love! Their mission is to fill the world with more art and less decoration. They work with independent artists all over the world by sourcing, curating, commissioning and to make stunning, modern and unique designer wallpaper. I am hoping to be part of their curated artists and have entered their current open call contest…Please go to the 5 links below and vote on the one or all that you like – I have five designs up for voting. Voting closes May 16, 2016, 8am EDT — Thank you!!!

// // // // //


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Prints and more now available – Society6

Over the years I have sold my work as mostly as art…this year I am taking my ever expanding portfolio of images onto products from the basic prints, cards, iPhone cases, rugs and so much more…at my Rita Patel Society6 shop. Take a look, please share and let me know what you think. If all goes well I will be adding to my Etsy shop. I am most excited about my recent exploration into hand lettering, visual storytelling, graphic illustration and how that translates to prints and more. I will be adding regularly…

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A play – a living – in wonder and becoming

2015-10-05 11.07.24A question came to my mind as I was wondering about the richness and depth-filled-ness of experiencing. The more I have been mulling in it, the more beautiful and wondrous it becomes.

If we use language that is flat and our experiences are spherical-simultaneous-dimensional, how can we truly experience ourselves, our worlds and our relations? 

Language includes more than the words we use. It’s the creator of our particular pattern. Perhaps we consistently continue learning and making part of our world new languages, new words, new symbols. Perhaps we use our language differently, interchanging new vocabulary for occurrences. Would that lead to a new experience? Perhaps, even a new story of myself? I think yes and perhaps a wonder-filled way to play and become pliable. The feeling of stagnation comes to mind with the image of trying to move in a landscape of thick deep mud when I think about employing language to know something too well. What gets lost in the knowing? What is still unknown? And what is truly unknowable? Nothing? Perhaps, at the end everything? Perhaps, that does not matter as much as stagnation stops us from knowing the continuous unfolding, shaping and deepening of our stories, of each other.

“New organs of perception come into being as a result of necessity. Therefore, O man, increase your necessity, so that you may increase your perception” Jallaludin Rumi

To increase our necessity—our ways of seeing! The universe feels bigger just with the thought. Imagine, if we played in the questions. Perhaps not fun-filled at each turn but being in this play – this living life – with joy and connection would be a wonder-filled exploration with deeply rich discoveries. It seems.

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Beginnings of the Barn Mural surface pattern design Collection

In my last post, I wrote about the mural I painted this summer on a barn. One of the ways I saw it was a was very large surface design work and throughout the process but especially now that it is completed, I see different cross sections that can directly or with some editing transformed into fabrics and wallpaper. (and perhaps, even some other goods!). Below are some of my first ones that I just ordered samples from spoonflower:

pattern fat quarter barn mural 3 pattern fat quarter barn mural 6 pattern fat quarter barn mural 5 pattern fat quarter barn mural 4 pattern fat quarter barn mural 2 pattern fat quarter barn mural 1

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Mural Art – Beauty and Possibility

2015-09-02 12.06.44

Celebrate for a Cause: New Barn Mural Art with Yoga, Live Music and Wine

Press in Oxford Leader – September 9th

I recently was commissioned to do a large outdoor art piece on a barn at a farm. I love to work big and I love to connect the dots. I am an artist and of all the different ways and mediums I work in, painting comes most deeply from my soul. I have not really painted this way in over five years. When I got the call to see if I knew anyone who would be interested in the creating an art piece on this barn – it was the most timely gift ever. I re-experienced myself in ways I had forgotten and in new ways connecting to nature beings and pushing my fear of heights to a new edge. One of the best parts is that the mural art is outside and how that involved everyone’s energy. For me, it is a great joy to paint and be able to invite people to experience themselves through my process and finished work. My hope is that through what I do someone else will be inspired to “paint their mural”. Each of us is here to put forth in the world what brings us great joy.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to marry that joy with what brings your heart deep pain?

small flower closeup_muralFor me, that pain is when people do not have the opportunity and eyes for their own possibility. For that reason, as I share my mural art of flowers and hummingbird (our symbol for joy) I invite you to learn more about the people who bring us fresh cut flowers. We adore flowers for their beauty and ability to bring a smile and lightness to our hearts. I am raising funds for those who work on flower farms to assist in the efforts to empower the workers, who are mostly women, whose hard labor allows us to enjoy cut flowers. Specifically, the funds will go to Ethiopian Growers’Association Gender Division for the Gender & Health Project – “Empowering the Source”, a Floriculture Sustainability Initiative and BSR HER+Project ( The USA imports most of its flowers from South America (Colombia and Ecuador being the main producers). From Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia export directly to the USA. Flowers are also exported from The Netherlands to the USA (often these originate in Africa, as the Dutch Flower Auction still sells about 60% of the world’s flower production). To learn more please contact me and I will put you in touch with those leading the effort.

Donations will be accepted at the event on September 12th or via paypal anytime.

 silver crossection_mural flower bird crossection_muralbird and flower crossection_mural

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